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CEPS Seminars Series Online – Roberto Frega (CNRS) «Warranted Trust as Elites’ Democratic Duty», 16 December


Wednesday, 16 December 2020 | 4:30–6:30pm Western European Time (GMT/UTC +0) | Zoom

Roberto Frega (CNRS): «Warranted Trust as Elites’ Democratic Duty”

In the last two decades there has been a rising interest in the democratic function of trust. Based on work initially begun by sociologists in the early 1990s, political theorists have subsequently focused on the distinctively political consequences of trust. This large swath of publications notwithstanding, the democratic relevance of elites’ trust in citizens has so far remained unexplored. This paper aims at filling this gap. It offers a more complete account of political trust that builds on but goes significantly beyond the currently accepted juxtaposition of social and political trust. Starting from a richer taxonomy of types of trust relationships, the paper provides first a descriptive account of elites’ trust in citizens and then an explanation of their democratic relevance.

The Seminar Series in Ethics and Political Philosophy is a research oriented initiative hosted by the Center for Ethics, Politics, and Society at the University of Minho, whose aim is to discuss works in progress of both established and younger scholars working in the fields of ethics, social and political philosophy, political and social theory. 

The seminars are open to everyone, but pre-registration is required. To register, visit:

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